Visual Intermission - Travel Photography: New York City

I've never been much of a city person. Maybe it's all the crazy drivers. Or maybe it's the immense crowds of people (who I feel are all watching me). Or maybe it's the constant hustle and bustle, keeping me from ever taking a moment to relax and let it all soak in. But when I went to New York City for the first time three weeks ago, it was this craziness that made me absolutely fall in love with the city. As I trekked the streets -- clocking in over 40,000 steps throughout the sole day I spent in the city -- I made sure to "swim with the current" of businessmen, fashionistas, and tourists. And when I stopped, the city (and all its craziness) kept moving, breathing, and simply going -- leaving me to create images, capture moments, and just take in the beauty of this otherworldly solitude.