Visual Intermission - Travel Photography: Disneyland

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to wander around the happiest place on earth with some of my favorite people on earth: my immediate family. Over the course of the weekend, we rode more than a dozen rides, watched all the major shows, and probably logged 300,000 steps collectively. Since I'm not exactly the best writer in the family, I'll forgo the anecdotal details on this post. However, if you're interested in hearing what happened on (what I'd like to call) the most efficient Disneyland trip ever, then head on over to my better half's blog for her complete travel log.

Typically, when I travel with my wife, I leave the DSLR at home and carry a very minimal kit -- which consists of our relatively compact Fujifilm X100S, our Fujifilm INSTAX Mini (for some instant film fun), and, of course, our iPhones. The reason for this is, well, I can easily get distracted by taking thousands of photos of EVERYTHING. So the minimal kit allows me to relax and be fully present -- essentially, truly be on vacation, right?

However, considering this is my third time going to Disneyland in a year's time, and my wife's fifth visit in the past year and a half, she kindly let me bring my D750 on the trip. In an effort to respect my family's sanity, I only brought two lenses: a 58mm lens and a 20mm lens. And, of the two, I actually used the 20mm lens exclusively on the trip. If you're a photographer, we both know that a 20mm lens is not exactly a common focal length. Plus, it's not exactly flattering for taking formal portraits. But, in the true Disneyland spirit of magic, happiness, and whimsy, I feel like the perspective lent itself very well for this trip. Enjoy!