Saratoga Springs Wedding Photography - Jeff and Namphuong

There's just so much I wish I could share about Namphuong and Jeff, but one blog post just isn't enough. I spent hours trying to condense their gallery of nine-hundred plus photos into a modest post, but I couldn't keep it under a hundred images. So these two get the award for longest blog post ever. You've been warned.

To avoid writing a novel of a post, here are my top ten highlights from their wedding day:

  1. By complete surprise, Namphuong and Jeff gave each other matching wedding presents. Cat earrings for Namphuong, and custom-designed cat cuff-links for Jeff.

  2. We discovered that Jeff's shirt did not have cuff-link holes. So we had to improvise.

  3. When deciding between a first look or a traditional aisle, sharing a prayer before wedding ceremony (without seeing each other) is the best of both worlds.

  4. Mmm, boba. Mmm, macarons.

  5. During portrait time, I balanced on a small rock in the middle of a creek to get the shot. I accidentally submerged my right shoe to get to said shot.

  6. The calligraphy was all done by the bride herself. Winning.

  7. During the cocktail hour, the DJ played a multitude of video game soundtrack remixes, including Pokemon Red/Blue. Also, winning.

  8. The couple made appearances in traditional Cambodian and Vietnamese attire.

  9. The maid of honor may or may not have "rick-rolled" the couple during her toast. The jury's still out on that one.

  10. The bride's dad and the groom's dad got pretty crazy on the dance floor.

With that, I leave you with some photographs of two amazing individuals on the happiest day of their lives.


Getting Ready Venue: Saratoga Oaks Lodge
Hair & Makeup: Beautiful One Makeup Artistry
Florist: With Flourish
Ceremony Venue: St. Francis Cabrini Church
Boba: Gong Cha
Reception Venue: Saratoga Springs
DJ: DJ AnD, Gatsby Entertainment Group
Cake: Jen's Cakes
Desserts: MacAhhRun
Photobooth: The Wong Photo Booth
Videography: Owl and Tree