Saratoga Family Photography - The Follmar Family

Family portrait sessions are like a box of chocolates: you never really know what your'e gonna get. There truly is no such thing as a "typical" family, and -- as a photographer -- I don't believe there's a cookie cutter portrait set-up that fits everyone. That's one of the great privileges of what I do: I really have an opportunity to get to know each family I work with and figure out how to best capture their uniqueness as best I can.

Two Sundays ago was no different. On a particularly windy autumn evening, the Follmar family graciously invited me into their home to take portraits for their annual Christmas card. With two young boys and a pair of toddler twins (one boy and one girl), I had my hands quite full. But all those ingredients from that Sunday evening -- the autumn wind, the orange-hued leaves, and the smiles and laughs and love from this amazing family -- can really make a perfect photo. Please enjoy some of our favorites from that evening.