San Francisco Engagement Photography - Christine and Reynaldo

For those of you who don't already know: Reynaldo (or JR as I call him) is my older brother, and Christine is his lovely bride-to-be. To start off this post, let me tell you a couple of things about them. First, they're Sharks fans -- so thanks to Christine for sacrificing valuable Sharks playoff time to pose for my camera. And second they can endlessly exchange 90's movie quotes -- like endlessly! Which comes useful, when trying to get my brother to smile naturally for the camera (haha). Well this past Sunday, I spent the evening with them at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco to capture a place they hold dear to their hearts.

In July they'll be getting married, and I'll be putting the camera down for a day to stand beside him at the altar, as he marries the love of his life. But don't worry! My good friend Michael of Michael James Photography will be there to beautifully capture all the action. As a matter of fact, they already had two engagement sessions with Michael (you can see one of them here), but they caught the photo bug and wanted a third. A third to capture a bench that's so very special to them. What's so special about this bench, you ask? Well me tell you :) 

According to Christine and JR, it all started at a bench. After being set up by Christine's cousin (who's also JR's coworker). And after weeks of texting and late night phone calls, but never actually seeing each other. The two finally met on a blind date,  At the culmination of this first date, they sat at a bench at the Palace of Fine Arts, and it was there where my brother took a leap of faith and asked Christine to be his girlfriend. And the rest? Well that's history in the making :)