San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography - Alfie and Jan

Simply put, Alfie and Jan's wedding day was perfect: amazing spaces with beautiful light throughout the entire day, my favorite bridal shoes to photograph (Alfie’s Valentino Rockstuds), and an intimate ceremony at the center of it all. Their ceremony took place at the architectural marvel that is San Francisco City Hall, where they exchanged vows at the top of the grand staircase underneath the hall’s extravagant dome, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

The City Hall's geometric windows, marbled surfaces, and secluded hallways and staircases made for a photographer's "playground" during our portrait session after the ceremony. And I even enlisted the maid of honor to serve as a lookout while we took a clandestine bridal portrait on a window sill (thanks, Pauline!).

A couple of other memorable highlights: a drive-by portrait at the Palace of Fine Arts (where the Best Woman and Maid of Honor circled the park so we didn’t have to look for parking) and an impromptu, but super necessary, stop at In-n-Out for a mid-wedding day bite.

Those animal-style cheeseburgers were the perfect sustenance for our trek across the Bay to SP2, the communal bar and restaurant in San Jose where Alfie and Jan joined the rest of their friends and partied the night away underneath twinkling string lights. Like I said, the day was perfect.