Pleasant Hill Wedding Photography - Monica and Joaquin

Trust is hard to come by these days. And faith? Well, that’s an even rarer occurrence. I witnessed both on Monica and Joaquin’s wedding day, which took place at the beautiful grounds of the Pleasant Hill Community Center.

Before I continue, it’s important to note that Monica and Joaquin’s wedding ceremony was set to take place outdoors. And on the eve of their big day, the weather forecast predicted a high chance of rain. Despite these odds, they proceeded as planned and had faith in whatever God had in store for their wedding day. Safety second? I say yes.

Well, God did provide. And because Monica and Joaquin were surrounded by their family and friends, for whom their love and trust was so apparent, the day was teeming with emotion. Laughter filled rooms, tears were shed, and smiles were shared all around. And with that I’d like to share my favorite photographs from this special day :)