Palace of Fine Arts & Lover's Lane Engagement Photography - Megana and Mitchell

Mega and Mitch have an uncanny way of reading my mind. It happened countless times at their engagement session in San Francisco.

I would bring my camera up to my eye and think to myself: "It would be perfect if Mitch kissed her forehead right now." And BOOM — he did so without me even saying a word.

Or I would frame up my composition and think to myself: "It would be cute if Mega playfully glanced back at Mitch." And BOOM — she did just that! Dream clients? You bet!

We started off the morning at the Palace of Fine Arts, where Mega's ornate Lehenga perfectly complemented the intricate architecture of the dome and surrounding pillars. And then we took a quick drive to Lover's Lane in the Presidio, where we enjoyed a casual hike amidst the towering eucalyptus trees and they shared with me all the awesome Indian traditions and ceremonies that will be incorporated into their wedding day later this year.

If this engagement session was any indication of how amazing their big day will be, let's just say that I'm beyond excited. But until then, here are some of my favorites from that Sunday morning.