Mount Tamalpais Engagement Photography - Namphuong and Jeff

Ever since our very first email correspondence, I had an instant connection with Namphuong and Jeff. And upon first meeting them at my all-time favorite East Bay gastropub, Hog's Apothecary, I confirmed that we were kindred spirits. Over craft beers and delicious grub, we chatted about anything and everything. I found out that we share a common love for travel, photography, and food. We share the sentiment that, if it weren't for our families in the Bay Area, we'd probably live in Portland, Oregon. And, somehow, the one place where they wanted to take their engagement photos just so happened to be the one place that I've been dying to shoot at.

Their engagement session at Mount Tamalpais was definitely beautiful — the vast hilly landscape, the gorgeous view, and the dramatic fiery sunset. But the most beautiful thing I witnessed that evening was the love and connection these two shared, and I'd stumble uncontrollably down a hillside and fall into a bush time and time again in order to continue to witness that bond.