Golden Gate Park Family Photography - The Liu Family

Last winter, Judy reached out to me to photograph her family (her, her husband Tony, and their twin boys, Ansel and Barrin). Unfortunately, our schedules didn't align, and we weren't able to land on a date. So we postponed with hopes for better luck next year.

This time around, all the stars aligned. No joke. It couldn't have gone more perfectly.

We had perfect weather. We had perfect light. And I was able to get two boys -- who aren't so comfortable around the camera -- to break out into some ginormous smiles. In their defense, I also do not like getting my photograph taken (why else do you think I'm the one behind the camera!). Maybe that's why Ansel reached for my camera and wanted to snap a couple photos of his own. I don't think your name is a coincidence...

Let me just say that this family session is definitely one I'll remember forever. Big thanks to two very wonderful boys and their equally wonderful parents. :)