Emeryville Engagement Photography - Steph and Andrew

A year and a half ago, my wife and I moved to Emeryville -- the little city by the bay, tucked between Oakland and Berkeley. For those who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Emeryville's claim to fame is IKEA. However, once you delve past the city's unassumingly commercial shopping exterior, you'll find an otherworldly industrial setting with unique establishments scattered about. For example, if you walk half a mile down one street, you'd walk past a couple abandoned warehouses, a speakeasy bar, a tech startup, a couple creative work spaces, and a local diner. Rich in texture, and full of personality, it's always been a dream of mine to photograph a couple's engagement session here in Emeryville.

So when Steph and Andrew approached me for a second round of engagement photos (on a side note, please do check out their first engagement session, courtesy of Michael James Photography), I knew this was my chance. Separately, I've known both Steph and Andrew for quite some time: Steph is my sister-in-law, and I've known Andrew for at least a decade. And them together? Well, let's just say I was rooting for Andrew even before Steph knew the "love bug" bit her. So knowing their unique and fun-loving relationship -- which consists of spur of the moment burrito runs, many late nights exploring the city of Berkeley, endless Adam Sandler movie quotes, and screaming their heads off in celebration of the Golden State Warriors' championship -- it was fitting to have an equally unique setting.

So here's to sharing the place I call home with a couple of pretty darn important people in my life. Can't wait for your wedding in a couple months, you two!