Benicia Family Photography - Gabe Turns Two

A year ago, we met Gabriel here on the blog. Back then, he was cute, adorable, and well... stationary. Today, Gabe is just as cute and adorable as he's ever been, but there's one notable difference: he's mobile. I'm not talking about leisurely strolling. He. Is. FAST. He runs, jumps, and climbs to his heart's desire. And as for me, the lucky photographer who gets to try and keep up with him? Well, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to be the next American Ninja Warrior.

Two Sundays ago, I chased Gabe around Benicia Community Park with my camera -- and also got my monthly dose of cardio. And when the dust and grass settled, we headed over to downtown to cool down and refuel with a delicious scoop of ice cream at Double Rainbow Cafe. Oh, how wonderful it is to be turning two :)