Bay Area Newborn Photography - Olivia Rose

Hi, Livy! Uncle Reg here. I have some great news for you: you survived your first photo session with me! You stayed awake the entire time, you wore your headband like a champ, and you even let me tag along for your first walk around the neighborhood. I'm a proud and honored Uncle!

Although, when I was snapping photos, I couldn't help but notice something...

So I feel like I've gotten to know your parents pretty well throughout the years. And I've seen them when they're at their happiest -- like your mom's face lighting up at Disneyland (you'll find out about that place later), or your dad smiling ear-to-ear at Las Vegas (you won't find out about that place until much later). I was even there on their wedding day, and they were pretty darn happy on that day too.

But you know what? Absolutely nothing compares to how happy they are when they're spending time at home with you. And that's astounding.