Baker Beach and Emeryville Engagement Photography - Monica and Joaquin

Monica and Joaquin will be tying the knot this coming May. So, this past Saturday, we ventured to Baker Beach in San Francisco to snap some photos to commemorate their engagement. They battled the chilly morning air, and Monica trekked barefoot through the cold, wet sand. From there, we ventured from the beach to the streets, hopping over the Bay Bridge and finishing up our session in Emeryville.

For those of you who know Monica and Joaquin and follow them on social media, you may have noticed that Joaquin frequently uses the hashtag, "#safety2nd." Well, I definitely took notice, so I made it a point that day to make sure I asked about it. Upon asking him, I learned that it's more than just a hashtag — it's a mantra.

This is what Joaquin told me: when facing life's challenges, we always have the option to stay in our comfort zones and take the easy way out. However, more often than not, the right thing to do isn't the easy thing to do. Sometimes, it doesn't even always make sense. But, when we rise above, take risks, and answer God's true calling — "make safety second" — well, that's when amazing can happen. :)

Case in point: Monica and Joaquin. They've took one of life's greatest risks by falling in love. And the photos prove that their love is amazing.