Daniel John's Graduation Portrait Session - Hiddenbrooke, Vallejo, Calif.

Daniel – or "Daniel John," as I'm used to calling him – is a young man of many talents. First, he's the reigning Duncan West Coast Yo-Yo Amateur Champion who has gained quite the following on Instagram. Second, he's a practicing violinist, and my wife and I were lucky enough to have him play at our wedding! And three, he's a budding photographer and quite the prodigy, if I do say so myself. This past Sunday, I had the privilege of hanging out with Daniel John to take his 8th grade graduation portraits, a huge milestone for him this year.

We started off the morning very early (7:15 a.m., to be exact) to catch the sunrise and take photos during what we photographers like to call the "golden hour". That beautiful light did come at a price, though, as we were freezing our butts off in 37 degree weather.

But, of course, Daniel John was a trooper; as for me, I can't exactly say the same. :P We explored his neighborhood, chatted about yo-yos, violin, starting high school, and (of course) my favorite topic, photography. In all, it was a good morning with good company.

Congrats, Daniel John, on your upcoming graduation! And we wish you the best of luck!