The Del Rosario Family - Mare Island, Vallejo, Calif.

I've known this family for quite some time. To give some perspective, I've known little Aidan ever since he was, well, little. He's obviously grown A LOT since then. So when Cyndi had asked me to take portraits of her family, the answer was definitely yes. And then she mentioned that she wanted a portion of the portrait session to be 1950's-themed. DOUBLE-YES.

I'm very happy to see this set finally hit my blog. After having to reschedule twice due to ill-weather, I was completely excited to drive out to my hometown of Vallejo and capture this amazing family. So when I got the green light that we were finally going to make this photo session happen, I gunned my silver hatchback to 88 mph, and ... well, you know the rest :)

While the weather was clear that morning, it was still a bit damp due to the morning dew. And I'll tell you one thing: there's nothing worse than walking around in wet socks. NOTHING. But I would walk around in wet socks everyday, if it meant I could photograph loving families -- exactly like this one -- everyday.