Sheila and Justin are Expecting - Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, Calif.

Everything happens for a reason. When Justin and Sheila -- who will be welcoming a little one into their lives next year -- contacted me to capture this amazing time in their lives, everything fell into place effortlessly. I couldn't pass this opportunity up; it was almost too easy.

It wasn't coincidence that I was available in the window of time that Sheila was visiting from Texas, nearly 1600 miles away. And it wasn't coincidence that, after while it rained the day before, the sun peaked through the clouds and came out to play the morning of their photo session. And it was definitely not coincidence that they picked a ridiculously beautiful setting for our Sunday morning together!

Everything worked out so smoothly because, as the photos show, Justin and Sheila are completely in love with each other. And while that kind of love isn't necessarily easy, it definitely helps to make each day go a bit more smoothly, with a few more smiles and moments of joy.

And that love will definitely be shared with the new life they will be bringing into the world. After spending those couple of hours together in Berkeley, it's obvious that they're already head over heels for that bundle of joy — just like they're head over heels for each other.