Mae and Jeremy's Wedding - Vallejo, Calif.

If I were to say that Mae and Jeremy are both textbook introverts, I'm sure both their family and friends would smile and nod in agreement. But let's put that idea aside for a second and pretend you don't know these two...

Now take a look at these photos from three weeks ago, and tell me what you see. I'm sure you'd say something like this:

"But Reggie, I don't see two textbook introverts! I see two beautiful people who, three weeks ago on their wedding day, expressed their love to each other in front of the whole world and before God. These two are obviously bursting with joy, emotion, and laughter. And the guy. Jeremy, you said his name was? He seems to be quite the performer! It looks like they had the exact opposite of a low-key wedding. Look at their grand exit. Jeremy and Mae stormed out of the wedding amidst a sea of glow-sticks, bubbles, and cheers! And they drove away in an oh-so-sweet, bright red, and LOUD Mustang Mach 1!"

Okay, okay. All kidding aside...

Mae and Jeremy, for two quiet people, your love for each other speaks volumes. It really does. I believe the person you marry should be someone who can make your best, most awesome self shine. It's quite obvious that you two do that for each other. And who says you can't have fun with lots of smiles and laughs along the way? 'Cause you guys do that too. I am truly honored to have been able to witness and capture such a momentous occasion for such amazing people. You two are awesome :)

And Jeremy, did I mention that Mustang was sweet?!