Baby Chloe - Holiday Portrait Session

I'll be honest: I seldom do themed portrait sessions. And I typically don't work indoors or set up lighting for my portrait sessions. But trust me when I tell you: I would do anything for darling little Chloe. So I couldn't say no when Kristie and Joe reached out to me to take Chloe's holiday-themed portraits in preparation for her very first Christmas.

Yeah, I had my doubts. As an apartment dweller, I didn't have a surplus of Christmas decor at my disposal. But Kristie assured me that she would have everything covered: "Ya, I'll have the props."

What I didn't expect was that I would be walking into a kitchen-turned mini photo studio, complete with the most adorable holiday themed set you've ever scene. Let's just say it would put your family's 1990's JCPenney Christmas portraits to shame.

So take a look, and soak it in. Christmas will be very special this year with this little one around. And these photos prove it.

P.S. Happy five months, Baby Chloe! ... and darn you, Joe. I can't stop thinking about the spicy edamame!