2013 Koinonia Cup - St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School, Vallejo, Calif.


It was an uncharacteristically hot Saturday morning in September this past weekend. But, despite the searing sun and the early hours of the day, the St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School campus in Vallejo, Calif. (my alma mater!) teemed with young adults wearing brightly colored shirts and waving homemade banners to kick-off the 2013 Koinonia Cup.

"K Cup" is an all-day fellowship event organized by and for Catholic young adult ministries in the Sacramento diocese. Throughout the day, different young adult groups participated in a series of friendly competitive games, and a team was ultimately crowned as the K Cup champion.

It was a fast-paced day, filled with local vendors, praise and worship, and a lot of laughs. The heat became a bit unbearable at times, but — with my fiancée Sarina as my second shooter and quite a few familiar faces around me — I definitely think it was a day well-spent. The ice-cold boba drinks definitely helped, too!